Piñon Aero Center will be offering a special incentive to anyone committing to a one year lease of any size hangar located in Piñon  Aero Center at the Minden Tahoe Airport. Piñon club membership is automatic and will qualify you to receive one month free hangar lease for every referral that results in a signed lease.

Piñón Aero Center ("PAC") has designed its Aero Center to offer a full range of Hangars (Aircraft T-Hangars & Custom Hangers and Non-General Aviation facilities). The center is being developed in phases. The Initial Phase is ready for Custom Hangar & Office construction. The site has been completely prepared: Site graded; hangar foundations prepared; and, infrastructure installed. The first T-Hangars are available now. The construction of larger and custom hangars will follow soon. General Aviation development facilities are under discussion.